To market to market, on a boat

Okay now we're back in three of the fun weekend Julie and I had together.  If you remember, Julie is my friend from Australia who I hadn't seen since the mid 80's when she lived in England.  We had such fun together and plan to meet up again somewhere else in the world in the next few years.  Anyway we decided to visit Granville Island and have breakfast at the market.  From real concrete plans...

We had a ten minute walk over to the Yaletown dock  and  I did something I had never done before in Vancouver  - took a small water bus over to the market.  Such fun!  Why didn't I do this before?  I don't know but I will sure do it again!

 Yaletown Dock - we tried to find a coffee shop but none other than Starbucks so we held off - and we were happy we did!!!
 Our water bus - isn't it cute? (I guess if you are a teenage girl or a cougar you might wonder what I am calling cute)  I believe it cost us four dollars to cross.  More expensive than a bus but so much more fun!!! 

 The dock at Granville Island

Definitely worth waiting for!

Lots of choice for meals at the Granville Public Market

You knew I had to hang around the baking didn't you?  I resisted!

Now that's the kind of bear I wouldn't mind running into in the forest  - I would  just eat him!

Oh my...

Julie busy purchasing her bread above.  Aside from breakfast and me purchasing a half pound of freshly roasted coffee beans (one of my "must do's" when I travel within North America) we restrained ourselves and got baguettes, cheese and a few slices of ham for a picnic later.  More on where we ate that picnic in the next Vancouver post.  Hope you enjoyed visiting Granville Public Market with me - if you are a lover of markets like I am you MUST go!